Improve your transit system today.

Connexionz builds and supports world-class CAD/AVL intelligent transit systems for public and private ferry and bus operators to improve performance and productivity. 

Our customers provide over 32 million trips per year on land and water. 

If you're traveling to the Statue of Liberty, you're using our technology.

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What We Do


Cloud-based CAD/AVL


Computer aided dispatch system & automatic vehicle location system

We build CAD/AVL systems that produce and use highly accurate GPS data to let you know where your vehicles have been, where they are, and where they will be in the future. This is the basis for all the tools and services that allow you to plan and implement new services, manage them once they go operational, keep everybody informed on how well they are performing, and allow your riders to plan and manage their journeys with confidence. 


Our intuitive Computer Aided Dispatch System gives your team the tools to effortlessly manage and fine tune operations, and see at a glance what needs their attention and manage disruptions.


Our Route Management Software allows you to quickly and easily create detours, build and edit route patterns, manage your stops, and import your planned schedules from your runcutting software.

information system

Your riders will grow to rely on our real time ETAs without a second thought. GTFS comes out of the box so riders easily plan their journeys with confidence. Greater confidence means more ridership.

Transit Station Design

We can integrate your ITS technology with your transit center to create a seamless experience for your riders. Dynamic bay allocation promotes efficient use of expensive real estate.
People at a bus transit station design for cad/avl

Passenger Signs

Next stop displays
Wayside signs
Destination/head signs
Passenger infotainment
Terminal ETA/ETD signs


Passenger count reporting
NTD reporting
Trip performance reporting
Trip exception reporting
Engine diagnostics

Onboard technologies

Driver Mobile Data Terminals
Public rider WiFi
Rider infotainment systems
Service Alert displays
Audio voice announcements
Traffic signal priority
Engine diagnostics
Automatic passenger counts


Driver duress alarms
Driver messaging
Live mobile video surveillance
360 cameras
Collision sensors 
LMR & VOIP communications
Head sign duress integration
Hard breaking sensors
24/7 Back up team

Wrap around support

Our customers have been with us for up to 20 years because we think of them as family. 

We have a Customer Success Team that not only deploys your system for the first time but is dedicated to helping you gain the maximum benefit from our tools. 

Our CST provides you with wraparound support: technical assistance, training, mentoring, preventative maintenance and helping you explore different parts of our CAD/AVL system as your needs evolve. 

Why are they called the Customer Success Team? Because your success is our success.
People looking at computer analysing computer aided dispatch software, cad/avl and cad/avl systems

Our customers deliver over 32 million passenger trips every year across 13 North American States with our CAD/AVL systems

With successful installations in thirteen states within North America. Each year our customers provide over 32 million passenger trips, and we provide over 1.3 billion GPS locations, with support available in all time zones.


Improve your ability to find improvements and efficiencies: Re-calibrate, restore ridership, revise routes, reduce congestion and carbon emissions.


Get visibility with accurate and reliable reports so you can make informed decisions to improve on-time performance and grow ridership. Accurate records make it easy to respond to public queries.


Our Dispatcher Software and Route Management Software make it easy for you to zero in on what needs to be worked on, and our intuitive tools make for a smooth and hassle free workflow. Save time and reduce stress with our proven tools.
Passenger experience

Improve rider satisfaction

Your riders will grow to rely on the fantastically accurate ETAs provided by our system. Journey planning via Google Maps and GTFS integration comes out of the box, and is so easy to use. Greater rider confidence strengthens your ridership numbers.

Transit agency services

Watch this video and be taken on a tour of our products and services, including all things CAD/AVL. Whether you're an operator, a dispatcher, a supervisor, or a member of the agency management team, there are tools and systems to make your job easier, save you time, and give you peace of mind.

Passenger experience

Providing access to accurate automatic vehicle location and reliable real-time information anytime and anywhere lets riders plan their journeys and schedules with confidence without the worry of missing a service or transfer.

Why Connexionz?


Wrap around support

Everything we do is focused on your success. Our in-depth project management, first name communications, training, engineering, technical assistance, refresher training, preventative maintenance, and keeping track of your evolving needs is about building a long term commitment to an enduring relationship with wraparound care.

Tried & true dependable

We've been in the industry since 1996 so we can say with confidence our technology performs reliably and accurately. Our cloud systems have better than 99.99% uptime. Our proprietary hardware have Mean Time Between Failures greater than 10 years. Customers tell us about riders that use our technology without a second thought.

Low risk

A successful infrastructure project should be one you don't hear about. Why? Because it just works. Our customers report reduced rider complaints, they talk about how easy our software is to use, and they appreciate how responsive we are when they contact us.  Our sophisticated project management and quality assurance processes drive out risk and give you peace of mind.

Discover the reasons behind the unwavering loyalty of our valued customers

Check out for yourself what our customers already know: our system looks beautiful, it's a pleasure to use and everything is just so easy to do. 

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