In-vehicle systems

Our vehicle logic unit, the Medius, provides a nexus to allow Connexionz’s core to interface with multiple and disparate technologies commonly found on a vehicle or vessel. Part of this technology is the Automatic Voice Annunciator System (AVA), which uses text-to-speech functionality. The Medius is the integration point for all the disparate technologies on your vehicles and provides the video processing power to drive your 1080p infotainment displays.
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Onboard technologies

Connexionz’ vehicle logic unit seamlessly connects with other systems

The proven, dependable Medius connects a range of different in-vehicle technology from a wide range of third parties, facilitating reduced wiring. Its compact size allows it to fit in small faces commonly found on many vehicles.


Allows data to be seamlessly transferred between disparate technologies and Connexionz’ core system.


Adaptors not 

Supports all the main connectivity standards without needing adapters, which saves time and costs.



Provides translation services so that non-Connexionz technologies and Connexionz can exchange information.

In-vehicle AVA, Signage and Displays

Your passengers will know when and where to get off or how long it is until their stop from Connexionz’ onboard AVA, signage, and display systems.

Driver MDT

Keep drivers informed

With our ruggedized Android Tablet (MDT), your drivers can log in at the start of their block, receive navigational guidance, know their on-time performance and log out again at the end.

In-vehicle information

Keep passengers informed

ADA-compliant Audio Voice Announcements (AVA), visual next-stop announcement signs, destination displays, and infotainment keep riders informed of their journey's progress in real-time.

Real-time APC data

Save time producing NTD reports

Have your APC data instantly sent to our system to help you produce your S10 and MR20 NTD forms. We partner with UTA so that you can gain NTD certification.

CCTV & Duress Alarms

Keeping your team & riders safe

Duress alarms, mobile video surveillance and open microphone systems can be integrated to your system so that your dispatchers can be immediately alerted, and they can assess the situation in real-time.

Infotainment systems

Keep passengers immersed

You can go beyond in-vehicle text  and audio messages and display multimedia content, with route lines, geo-triggered public announcements, and advertising. 

Fare data

Keep services optimized

You can link historical fare data to automatic vehicle location (AVL) data for convenient analysis and to help validate passenger counts for obtaining NTD certification. 
Our Medius VLU System

Why our customers like our system


Our real-time information and announcements are accurate and reliable. You and your riders will grow to rely on our systems without a second thought.


Whether you want us to integrate with your current signage and display technologies, you would like us to supply a completely new system, or carry out a customized development, we can pivot to your needs.

Instant updates

Our automatic vehicle location system can update your vehicle locations up to once every second. We use all that glorious data to generate to the minute accurate arrival times as well as reports for your team.

Support for drivers

Our MDT allows your drivers a handy tool to log in and out, to see how far they are into a route, keep track of fare patronage, bike rack and wheelchair hoist usage, and send and receive messages from your dispatcher. VOIP and LMR integrations also allow your drivers to talk to your dispatcher. Safety features minimize distractions while they are driving.

Commitment to partnership

We are committed to your short, medium and long term success. Our customers rave about our responsiveness, our commitment to preventative maintenance, our passion for listening, understanding and meeting their evolving needs.

Fantastic Reliability

Our cloud systems have better than 99.9% uptime, our proprietary hardware has mean time between failures in excess of 10 years.  We're serious about carrying out preventative maintenance, we design our systems for automated health checks.

Standard connectivity

At the heart of our on-vehicle system is our powerful Medius VLU (Vehicle Logic Unit), which gives us the ability to bring all the systems together in one place. It supports Audio Voice Announcements, Next Stop Announcements, Headerboards, Bus Stopping, Destination/Header signs, Rider Infotainment Displays, Rider Wi-Fi, Traffic Signal PriorityAutomatic Passenger Counters, Engine Diagnostics, Duress Buttons, and Multimedia Displays. Our Medius supports a number of connectivity standards including, J1708, CAN, RS485, USB2, HDMI, and Ethernet.

Right: Two Medius's stacked on top of one another: Top showing the rear panel, bottom showing the front panel.

Compact size

Our Medius VLU is only about the size of a mini-PC. Its compact design makes it popular with our technicians and bus manufacturers. 

It's popular because our Medius can be installed in overhead compartments, behind the driver's seat affixed to a bulkhead, or within an equipment cabinet. The Medius G2 has dimensions of 140 x 120 x 55 mm and weighs only 710 grams.

Handy when there’s very little space for additional technologies.

Low failure rates

Our proprietary hardware has an MTBF of over 10 years and our software systems have an uptime percentage over 99.99%. In the unlikely event of an outage, our responsive support desk is quick to answer your call for assistance and resolve it without any drama.

I am a...

Often the space aboard a vehicle is extremely limited and awkward to access. Enjoy the convenience and time-saving provided by our compact Medius VLU. We've packed it full of integrations and functionality so that you don't have so many individual devices to install.  We've minimized the need for proprietary cabling so finding a compatible cable is much easier.
The Medius VLU has a mean time between failure (MTBF) of well over ten years. That reliability means less disruption to operations, which translates to greater confidence in your system, a key ingredient to building ridership. Better reliability also saves you from needing a larger fleet size to cover the same services during project deployment. Our compatibility with industry-wide standards allows you to use off-the-shelf onboard systems.

4 easy steps to having having a reliable onboard system installed.

1. Map

Talk to us to map opportunities that match your riders, needs, and fleet size.

2. Match

Get a customized plan based on your requirements and technology appetite.

3. Budget

Work out how much funding you’ll need with budgeting support from our team.

4. Secure

Procure your tender by using our tender template and specifications know-how.

Looking for the best onboard ITS system for you?

Wrap around support

Everything we do is focused on your success. From our in-depth project management, first name communications, training, engineering, technical assistance, refresher training, preventative maintenance, and keeping track of your evolving needs is about building a long-term commitment to an enduring relationship with wraparound care.

Tried & true dependable

We've been in the industry since 1996 so we've had plenty of time to see how our technology performs reliably and accurately. Our cloud systems have better than 99.99% uptime. Our hardware has a Mean Time Between Failures greater than 15 years. Customers tell us about riders who use our technology without a second thought.

Reduced risk

A successful infrastructure project should be one you don't hear about. Why? Because it just works. Our customers report reduced rider complaints, they talk about how easy our software is to use, and they appreciate how responsive we are when they contact us. Our sophisticated project management and quality assurance processes drive out risk and give you peace of mind.
We like to "Do it once, Do it right." Our quality control and assurance processes give you peace of mind.
Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your project deployment works smoothly with no surprises.
With us, you get a single point of accountability even when support issues cross multiple technologies.
Step it up with one lead partner that integrates multiple technologies: Connexionz’ Medius vehicle logic unit and onboard systems.

Customer and partner reviews

"In 2006, when we set out to find a replacement ITS system, I said I wanted a partner, not just a vendor. Now that I’m retiring, I wanted to call you and let you know, I’m glad to say we found that partner, it was you.”

- Steve Pont, COO of Eastern Contra-Costa Transit Authority

Step towards a smarter transit solution

Explore how Connexionz’ CAD/AVL ITS system or one of our components could transform your performance and productivity.
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