what drives us

Social equity, environmental responsibility and leading edge technologies

There are three motivations that bring people to work at Connexionz.

Firstly, we have a keen sense of community and that everyone should have a chance to really live and become. Access to public transit gives more people access to better healthcare, education, support services, and careers.  

Secondly, reducing private transport means a better use of resources, reduces traffic congestion, and reduces the impact on our environment, culminating in a more sustainable world.

Finally, it's exciting to learn new technologies and to see how when they're used in the right way, they make such an impact on our lives for the better.

If this kind of stuff lights your fire, if you like helping people, working shoulder to shoulder with people you can trust because of their integrity, who work hard and play hard, then we are the team you should join.
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intelligent transportation systems

We build cockpits to fly public transportation systems

We build cockpits so that people can fly a public transit system in real time.

Each year our system manages over 32 million trips and processes over 1.3 billion GPS location fixes. We can update each GPS location as quickly as once every second.

We use those GPS locations to calculate arrival times at every stop, terminal, or station in the network.  

Those arrival times can be accessed through mobile devices, wayside signage, in-vehicle displays, and public websites.

We use them to trigger messages, advertisements, and signage on vehicles, control traffic lights, and help riders plan their journeys.

Our customers get tools for managing their fleet operations in real time so they can handle any disruption life might fling at them: sinkholes, flat tires, medical events, wildfires, traffic congestion, crashes, and hijackings.

They get tools to generate reports to show how well they're doing, manage their resources, tune existing services, and plan new ones.

Our team works with creating web-based applications, integrating all sorts of signage hardware, tablets, vehicle computers, communications technologies (LTE, LMR, VOIP), and other software into one comprehensive ITS system.
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This is what Connexionz is like 

We believe in you getting ahead

We'll help you plan a career pathway. People are what drive our team forward and so we invest in training and creating learning experiences.  We want you and our customers to succeed.

Work-life balance is a thing

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. We believe in getting things done but we also believe there should be a balance between work and other areas of our lives. Our relationships with our friends, families, and loved ones should be nurtured. Occasionally we might have to work long hours to get something over the line, but it shouldn't be always like that. This is the path to a sustainable and rich life.  

Trying new things

We are on a mission to build a world class organization that mirrors our values. One of those values is the joy of trying new ideas, that make things go bigger, better, and faster. But for this to work, we also nurture respect, open minds, and a cup half full attitude to life.  

We're international

Nearly half of our team is in the US, the rest are in New Zealand. Our team speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, Spanish and Tagalog. We come from New Zealand, Cuba, Colombia, India, the Philippines, Sweden, Tonga, the UK, China, and the USA.  If you like cultural diversity, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds, then we fit.

Being pure as the driven snow

The truth and honesty are right up there. We don't believe business is about saying what you have to say to get ahead. We tell it as it is. We don't sell vaporware. We don't over-promise and under-deliver. We don't have to watch our backs because we trust one another. Grace and patience go a long way. We don't look for who to blame but there are always better processes.  

Do it once, do it right

When people buy our gear, they put their jobs and reputations on the line. If they're prepared to take on that kind of risk, we owe it to them to prove that they made the right choice in putting their trust in us. Pushing for top-shelf standards, doing things once, and doing it right are things we live by. We're human, when things go awry, we improve the process, and we invest in people.
how to see if we're a good fit for you

Steps to apply


Check us out

Don't wait for an advertisement, if you believe in your skills, are inspired by what we do, like the environment we're trying to create, then take the next step, reach out.

Reach out

Get your resume together, think carefully about what you are about, where you want to go and why you think we would make a mutually good fit. When you're ready, contact us.

Let's talk

We're always looking for new talent. The world is always short of good people, with fantastic qualifications, skill sets, the right attitude, and a desire to lead through serving others. Everyone wants to work with people who are competent, humble and have integrity.

Let's get signed up

If in our opinion we're a good fit, then we'll offer you a position and its over to you to decide if you agree. If you do, sign up and welcome aboard!

Our customers deliver over 32 million passenger trips every year across 15 North American States with our systems

With successful installations in thirteen states within North America. Our customers provide over 32 million passenger trips, and we provide over 1.3 billion GPS locations each, with support available in all time zones. If you've been reading our careers page, you've just been reading about who we are, and the family we create. When we win customers, we bring them into this family too.
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Why we love working at Connexionz

A great spirit of collegiality among colleagues.
CNX promotes workplace flexibility & digital collaboration to better support work-life balance and employee well-being.
Neil Riley
The things I enjoy most about working at Connexionz are:
1. The flexible working environment where I get the balance of both work and life makes me productive at work.
2. Freedom to put my ideas into practice with great support from the company.
3. Like-minded people who are easy-going, ebullient, and helpful never make me bored.
Zhiming Liu
I really enjoy interacting with different customers and knowing that we're making positive impact on people's day to day life.

I particularly enjoy working in the 
professional environment and learned a lot from my colleagues.
Nune Arslanian
There is a strong workplace camaraderie that makes coming into the office worth it. The opportunities for growth, the sense of belonging, and the shared vision of making a positive impact on the world inspire us to work hard.
Jamie Palmer

We would love to hear from you

Working for Connexionz offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of transportation technology, where innovation and cutting-edge solutions drive our work. With a collaborative and dynamic environment, Connexionz empowers its employees to make a significant impact in revolutionizing public transportation systems globally. So go ahead, we would love to hear from you. 
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