Passenger information system

Real-time passenger information

No matter what time or where they are, your riders can plan their trips, time when to head off to access your services, tell others when they will be arriving with confidence through their mobile devices, on your website, through Google Transit. As they journey, they gain reassurance by being able to check that their service is on time, that they haven't missed their connecting service, and that they will make their meet up as promised. Take the uncertainty away and you will show that your services are reliable and dependable. Ridership grows. Our customers deliver over 32 million trips a year, and their riders have grown to use our systems without a second thought.
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Passenger Information System

Knowledge is power. With our automatic vehicle location system, provide your customers with accurate and reliable real time passenger information, ensuring your riders can make informed travel decisions.  

You can push out public service messaging to your travelling public through our Publisher software.

Easily manage signage remotely

Our Content Management System and TimeView software allow you to conveniently configure signage to display ETA/ETD and other dynamic real-time content without needing to go onsite.

Visible, useful

Airport-style signage on bus stops, transit centers, ferry terminals, allows you to help passengers gain confidence in your services and also read public service messages.  Signage in shopping malls and food courts turn them into transit lounges.

Quick responsive content deployment

A lot can happen in an operational day. Your system can be a significant channel for public messaging. With our system, you can easily and quickly get advertising and public service messages sent out.
anytime, anywhere


No matter what time or where they are, your riders can plan their trips, time when to head off to access your services, tell others when they will be arriving with confidence through their mobile devices, on your website, through Google Transit.


Our system updates all your fleet's GPS locations up to once every second. With that data we calculate to the minute arrival times. Our systems support over 32 million trips a year and our riders trust it without a second thought.

Fewer customer service queries

Accurate accessible information means that riders will perceive your services to be reliable. That means less complaints. If a complaint does come through our historical records will help you to have an evidence based conversation.

With Connexionz’ passenger information system you can:

Be quick & efficient

Set up new signage for a platform quickly and easily.

Customize messages

Customize your signage to display real-time, static and dynamic content.

Schedule or geo-trigger
messages and content

Configure the signage to be triggered by an event, to display a specific message or media content.

Publish with ease

Our system gives you the tools to manage the content you would like published to the travelling public. Whether its messaging on your in-vehicle audio and visual signage, wayside signage, website, Google Transit via GTFS, or mobile devices, our tools let you get it done quickly and efficiently. Here's an example of what an in-vehicle display looks like.
Connexionz' automatic vehicle location system provides real time passenger information
People at a bus stop using Connexionz' passenger information system for real time information

Send any message you like

You have control over what messages are displayed, whether you're informing customers of a service delay or disruption, celebrating International Women's Day, or advertising that Taylor Swift is coming to town.

Subscribe to receive reminders

Your riders can subscribe to receive alerts and text messages reminding them when they should leave to access one of your services. They can specify the day, what period of the day and what services, stops of interest and what period of time they would like to receive reminders.
Service alerts are apart of Connexionz' passenger information system. Subscribe to receive reminders
Nicholas Love, StarTran, Lincoln Nebraska.
“It’s amazing in such a short time with the Connexionz system has done in terms of operations flow and reporting the senior management,” said Nick. “There’s lots of things that we have to report, and the Connexionz Platform makes it so easy for us." 

I am a...

Receive fewer complaints when the traveling public is kept informed since the real-time passenger information display systems and transit mobile app give you plenty of control over what messages are displayed and when, as well as audits.

4 easy steps to having real-time passenger information display
systems for your transit


1. Map

Talk to us to map opportunities that match your fleet size.

2. Match

Get a customized plan based on your requirements and technology appetite.

3. Budget

Work out how much funding you’ll need with budgeting support from our team.

4. Secure

Procure your tender by using our tender template and specifications know-how.

Looking for the best real time ferry and bus
tracking software with route planners?


Wrap around support

Everything we do is focused on your success. From our in-depth project management, first name communications, training, engineering, technical assistance, refresher training, preventative maintenance, and keeping track of your evolving needs is about building a long term commitment to an enduring relationship with wraparound care.

Tried & true dependable

We've been in the industry since 1996 so we've had plenty of time to see how our technology performs reliably and accurately. Our cloud systems have better than 99.99% uptime. Our hardware has Mean Time Between Failures greater than 15 years. Customers tell us about riders that use our technology without a second thought.

Reduced risk

A successful infrastructure project should be one you don't hear about. Why? Because it just works. Our customers report reduced rider complaints, they talk about how easy our software is to use, and they appreciate how responsive we are when they contact us. Our sophisticated project management and quality assurance processes drive out risk and give you peace of mind.
We like to "Do it once, Do it right."  Our quality control and assurance processes give you peace of mind.
Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your project deployment works smoothly with no surprises.
With us, you get a single point of accountability even when support issues cross multiple technologies.
Step it up with one lead partner that integrates multiple technologies from different vendors.

Step towards a smarter transit solution

Explore how Connexionz’ CAD/AVL system or one of our components could transform your performance and productivity
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