Route planning software

Route management software

With our route management software, you can work with route patterns, transit stations, blocks of trips, stops, interlining, deadheads, and timepoints.  

These routes and patterns can be exported to common Scheduling Apps.  Routes, patterns, and stops can also be imported. There is a built-in schedule validator to check for inconsistencies.

With our system, you can quickly and easily modify routes to respond to system disruptors like roadworks, floods, or traffic accidents.

Once changes are made, you can configure next stop and transfer advancement, destination/header display automation, GTFS attributes, GTFS fares, rules, and zones, make public announcements of your changes and other messages on your ITS website, mobile devices, in-vehicle signage, Google Transit, and wayside signage.
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Easy to use Route planning software for efficiency and cost savings

Detours, route modifications, and new runs can be created and modified just by dragging and dropping elements on a map display. From the same place, you can publish announcements informing everyone of your changes across all your public facing ITS channels such as in-vehicle destination/header, next stop announcement signage, and the AVA system.

Cloud based

There are no on-premise hardware costs, and the latest versions of the features you purchased come at no extra cost.

peace of mind

Safe and secure

A quick real-time system that easily enables new and modified routes to be integrated with Dispatch and these changes are automatically reflected in your static and real-time GTFS data.
best of the best

Third party apps

We work with partners to give you convenient access to scheduling, fare collection and NTD certification tools.

Route management puts you in control

Build, edit and remove

Time points


Turn by turn instructions
To in-vehicle signage
To transit centre signage
To in-vehicle AVA systems


Fare rules, sets and zones that feed to GTFS
Shared stops
Service calendars

Export and Import



Signage systems
First responders
GTFS data


Genfare fare boxes
The Schedule Master.
UTA APC systems

User friendly drag & drop interface

Easily change route paths for detours, timepoints, platforms and build new routes by dragging and dropping within your Route Planner map. 
Connexionz partners

Partnering to enhance your experience

We partner with industry leaders to ensure that you gain access to the best tools. Our system imports schedule files compatible with Optibus and Schedule Masters. UTA are industry leaders in validating automatic passenger counts to obtain NTD certified reports. Our system is integrated with GenFare fareboxes so that a fare set can be parsed to the fare collection system and driver logins are parsed to your Dispatch system. In this way, your team can sign into the fare box and it will automatically sign them onto our MDT too (aka single sign on). 

Take control of your network

Route paths, timepoints, stops, platforms, fare business rules, service calendars, schedules, and vehicle assignments are the building blocks of your transit network. You can set them all up in our system or you can import schedules from a scheduling app.  However, when they are created, our system allows you to make short-term and long-term changes to manage anything life throws at you.
Linuel Wilhoite, Transit Director of Pigeon Forge Mass Transit
"Vaughan and his team are the company that we have chosen for our IT project on the trolleys. Connexionz took our wants and ideas and developed it into a multi-faceted project that includes AVL / Electronic Farebox / Automated Passenger Counter / Camera System / Mobile App / TVM and probably more... So whether it is a larger project like ours or a more specific project that you might like information about, I highly recommend his company."

I am a...

With our drag and drop interface, you can build, edit, import, export route patterns. You can manage your signage, publish alerts, notifications and public announcements.  Our system puts you in control.
Our system gives you the assurance that your team has the tools to manage your network, responding quickly and efficiently to anything life can throw at them. Dashboards keep you and the rest of your team well informed.

4 easy steps to upgrading your transit scheduling software


1. Map

Talk to us to map opportunities that match your fleet size.

2. Match

Get a customized plan based on your requirements and technology appetite.

3. Budget

Work out how much funding you’ll need with budgeting support from our team.

4. Secure

Procure your tender by using our tender template and specifications know-how.

Looking at how to improve your bus system?


Wrap around support

Everything we do is focused on your success. From our in-depth project management, first name communications, training, engineering, technical assistance, refresher training, preventative maintenance, and keeping track of your evolving needs is about building a long term commitment to an enduring relationship with wraparound care.

Tried & true dependable

We've been in the industry since 1996 so we've had plenty of time to see how our technology performs reliably and accurately. Our cloud systems have better than 99.99% uptime. Our hardware has Mean Time Between Failures greater than 15 years. Customers tell us about riders that use our technology without a second thought.

Reduced risk

A successful infrastructure project should be one you don't hear about. Why? Because it just works. Our customers report reduced rider complaints, they talk about how easy our software is to use, and they appreciate how responsive we are when they contact us. Our sophisticated project management and quality assurance processes drive out risk and give you peace of mind.
No one should have to get disgruntled by needing to use a poorly designed user interface
Feeling disorganized by using pieces of paper to plan routes and sticky notes for updates and detours?
Don’t feel inadequate while waiting for customer support to get back to you.
Step it up with Connexionz’ ferry & bus scheduling software

Step towards a smarter transit solution

Explore how Connexionz’ CAD/AVL system or one of our components could transform your performance and productivity.
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