Computer aided dispatch software

Connexionz’ ferry and bus dispatch software enable you to easily control and manage any situation commonly encountered in your workday. All you need to do your job is at your fingertips because it's also loaded with your timetable, blocks, runs, and rostering information directly from your transit scheduling software. It's hard to describe how easy and pleasant it is to use our beautiful cloud-based dispatch system without demonstrating it to you. So, when you're ready, click the button below and arrange a demo.
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Intuitive dispatcher software that improves on-time performance

Our computer aided dispatch system provides increased trip visibility and analytics, enabling you to improve on-time performance by, among other things, making route and schedule changes. The reliability and support for our ferry and bus dispatch software give us the edge over other computer aided dispatch software companies.
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At a glance you can quickly see where you need to focus your attention. Our system gives you the tools to manage any situation you may encounter.

to rule them all

With our system you can create real-time alerts and notifications, if trips fall out of your desired performance parameters, create detours and much, much more.

Easily manage
your transit network

There are so many elements of our software design that helps you do your job, the best way to learn about it is to see a demo. When you're ready click the button lower down the page.

Dispatcher software features

With Connexionz’ Dispatch, you can easily and smoothly:

Power filters to quickly uncover issues 

View real-time vehicle locations on and off trips

View real-time location yard maps, so vehicles can be assigned in the optimal pull-out order

Easily monitor on-time performance
Assign additional or replacement vehicles to routes

Monitor vehicles In real-time as they fullfil their duties on a map

Activate real-time onboard audio and video

Assign trips to vehicles

Respond to duress alarms
Enable and disable vehicles from the system

Assign blocks of trips to vehicles

Send and receive alerts and notifications to team members and passengers

Import schedules and blocks from popular scheduling apps.

Yard maps make it easy to select vehicles

Better visibility

Assess the status of your system and zero in on issues immediately with dispatcher software resulting in fast resolutions, nipping them in the bud. Fast resolution means better operational performance, less complaints, less pressure, and more time to do other things.
People offering dispatch support for computer aided dispatch software and bus dispatch software
People getting training for computer aided dispatch software and dispatcher software

Training & qualifications

Our system is evolving, and new features and benefits are being regularly introduced. You and your team can leverage the system’s abilities and stay abreast of everything it can do by certifying your dispatchers through our training program.

Transform your passenger experience

Having accurate and reliable information and tools at your fingertips means service disruptions are resolved quickly, resulting in improved on-time performance and fewer complaints, and if riders' do ask questions or complain, they can be serviced with hard evidence. Together, a recipe for less stress and more time to focus on other important things.

I am a...

Discover a dispatch tool that you will find easy to use and can trust, without the extra work and awkward workflows of other dispatch software companies.
Have happier staff due to fewer call center complaints and less performance pressure issues from management.
Quickly see how well your team is doing with dashboard reports that give the right answers when your manager or elected official asks how the system is running or when a member of the public has complained.

4 steps to upgrading your dispatch system

1. Map

Talk to us to map opportunities that match your fleet size.

2. Match

Get a customized plan based on your requirements and technology appetite.

3. Budget

Work out how much funding you’ll need with budgeting support from our team.

4. Secure

Procure your tender by using our tender template and specifications know-how.
Connexionz team member using computer aided dispatch software and bus dispatch system

Why Connexionz?

Wrap around support

Everything we do is focused on your success. From our in-depth project management, first name communications, training, engineering, technical assistance, refresher training, preventative maintenance, and keeping track of your evolving needs is about building a long term commitment to an enduring relationship with wraparound care.

Tried & true dependable

We've been in the industry since 1996 so we've had plenty of time to see how our technology performs reliably and accurately. Our cloud systems have better than 99.99% uptime. Our hardware has Mean Time Between Failures greater than 15 years. Customers tell us about riders that use our technology without a second thought.

Low risk

A successful infrastructure project should be one you don't hear about. Why? Because it just works. Our customers report reduced rider complaints, they talk about how easy our software is to use, and they appreciate how responsive we are when they contact us. Our sophisticated project management and quality assurance processes drive out risk and give you peace of mind.

Wrap-around support

No matter what time of day, anywhere in the world, we're here for you.  Our dedicated 24/7 support team is ready to help.
Cloud based software so upgrades to features already purchased and maintenance releases are all part of the package at no extra cost.
Our Customer Success Team handles your initial system deployment, and once complete, continues to provide preventative maintenance to maximize your system's reliability.  
Your continued success is our success. We won't set you up and disappear into the sunset.

Customer and partner reviews

"Working as an independent consultant in the capacity as an agencies Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project Manager for the past 10-years, I have shepherded multiple agencies through the implementation and deployment of the Connexionz ITS and have found that in each case, the system was highly effective and accurate in bringing many potential benefits to the agencies."

- SunRise Consulting

Step towards a well-supported reliable transit system

Our Dispatch system is so easy and pleasant to use, it's hard to describe it in words its beauty and elegance. When you're ready, click the button to the right and book a demo.
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